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Songs Beginning with the Letters J and K

J - Jump

J Song, The


Jack And Jill Jack And Jill Jack and Jill Piano Bench
Jack And Jill (Scale Song)

Jack Sprat (Spratt) Piano Bench

Jack, Be Nimble Jack, Be Nimble

Jack, Boy, Ho, Boy Rnds

Jack, Jack, Alphabet Bounce



Jacob Drink Skills for...Teachers

Jacob's Ladder Skills for...Teachers

Ja-Da Silver Burdett

Jamaica Farewell Jamaica Farewell Musical Classroom Ultimate Fake Book
Jambalaya Silver Burdett 6

James Brown Silver BurdettK

Jane Glover Rnds

January And February Golden Book of Favorite

Japanese Hymn Skills for...Teachers

Japanese Lullaby ( Chugoku) riuta) Silver Burdett 8

Japanese Rain Song ( Amefuri) Silver Burdett 1

Jasmine Flowers ( Lahk Gei) Silver Burdett 5

Java Jive WW

Jaws Best Children's Songs

Jaws (different song than the yell

Jeepers Creepers WW

Jeg Er S Glad Hver Julekveld On Christmas Eve) Spotlight on Music

Jelly Bean Jam

Jelly In A Dish Silver Burdett 2

Jellyman Kelly

Jennie Jenkins Jennie Jenkins Spotlight on Music
Jeremiah MYC

Jerusha Put The Kettle On Golden Book


Jesus And The Children

Jesus Bids Us Shine

Jesus Loves Even Me

Jesus Loves The Little Children Best Children's...Ever
Jesus Sees Me

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

Jet Plane

JetsonÕS Main Theme KThe Musical Classroom

Jig Along Home Silver Burdett 2 Spotlight on Music
Jig Jog Jig Jog Music Fundamentals


Jikel Ô Emaweni Silver Burdett 7

Jim Along, Josie Jim Along, Josie Jim Along, Josie Silver BurdettK
Jimmy Brown

Jimmy Jet Silver Burdett

Jingle At The Window ( Tideo) Silver Burdett 2 Spotlight on Music The Musical Classroom
Jingle Bell Rock Big BookChildren's Songs MusicHolidays 3-5
Jingle Bells Spotlight on Music Music Skills ..Teachers Piano Bench
Jinkin The Jester Piano Bench

Jinny Git Round ( JinnyGoRound) OSC Silver BurdettK
JoÕAshila Silver Burdett 5

JoÕAshlia ( Walking Together) Silver Burdett 5

Joe Turner Blues

Musical Classroom
Joey The Jaguar

John B. Sails (The Wreck of...) American Songbag Silver Burdett 8 Spotlight on Music
John Brown's Baby (Body) John Brown's Baby (Body) 100 Songs...Children Golden Book
John Brown's Chevy

John Henry John Henry

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt John Jacob...Schmidt John Jacob...Schmitt John Jacob ...Schmitt
John Kanaka Silver Burdett 3

John Lolly- Pop Seller Silver BurdettK

John Peel SSCom

Johnnie Bought A Ham OSC

Johnny Music Skills...Teachers

Johnny Appleseed Silver Burdett 4

Johnny Barleycorn pdmusic

Johnny Caught A Flea Silver Burdett 1

Johnny Get Your Hair Cut Silver Burdett 2

Johnny Had A Head

Johnny Had A Head...Ping Pong..

Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier

Silver Burdett 5
Johnny Mister Brown Silver BurdettK

Johnny One Note WW

Johnny Rebeck

Johnny Verbeck

Johnny Works With One Hammer Spotlight on Music

Johnny Rebec

Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye MEDay Music Every Day

Join The British Army Songs of Fun Foolishness

Joining The Navy

Jolly Gent Who Jingles TklChr

Jolly Jelly Beans TklE

Jolly Miller Music Fundamentals,

Jolly Old St. Nicholas Reader's Digest Christmas ook Silver Burdett K Piano Bench
Jolly Round Piano Bench

Jon Johnson Best Children's Songs...

Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine

Joshua Fought...Battle of Jericho Joshua Fought The Battle Spotlight on Music Silver Burdett 5
Joshua Made...Teacher Valentine TklV

Joy And Temperance Rnds

Joy Of Kwanza Silver Burdett 6

Joy To The World Music Skills...Teachers Music for Holidaysons 3-5 Musical Classroom
Joy To The World ( Jeremiah) Silver Burdett 3

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee Spotlight on Music Music Skill...

Juan Pirulero Spotlight on Music

Juanita SSCom Silver Burdett 3

Juba Silver BurdettK

Jubilee The Musical Classroom Spotlight on Music

Judy & DavidÕS Music Shop

July The Fourth (Us Patriotism)

Jump That Jody Silver BurdettK

Jump Up

Jumped From 20,000 Feet Best Children's Songs Best Children's Songs

Jumping And Counting

Jumping Bean

Jumping Up And Down

Junior Birdman Junior Birdman

Juniper Tree Silver Burdett 3

Just A Snap- Happy Blues Silver Burdett 5

Just A Song At Twilight

Just Around The Riverbend RBig Book ... Songs

Just Before The Battle Mother

Just From The Kitchen Spotlight on Music

Just Happy To Be Me

Just Like Me Spotlight on Music

Just One Me

Just One Person

Just Say Please And Thank You

Just The Way You Are

Just Three Colors

Kaalvoet Klonkie, Barefoot Flea

Kaeru No Uta (Frog's Song) potlight on Music

Kagomem Jagine Nac

Kai Veechamma (Move...Hand)

Kaich Akum (Mountain Sleeps) Spotlight on Music

Kakokolo Spotlight on Music

Kangaroo Song Silver BurdettK

Kanyoni Kanja (Little Bird)

Karangatia Ra Silver Burdett 2

Katalina Matalina

Katy The Kangaroo

Keel Row, The Silver Burdett 4

Keemo Kymo

Keep Christmas With You

Keep On Smiling

Keep On Truckin'

Keep The Home Fires Burning Golden Book of Favorite

Keep The Kettle Boiling

Keep The Park Clean... Pigeons

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize Silver Burdett 3

Keep Your Lamps! Spotlight on Music

Keeper, The Keeper, The Tom Glazer's Treasury
Kelo Aba WÕYe Silver Burdett 6

Kentucky Babe JofS Piano Bench
Kentucky Derby Song TklSpr

Kerry Dance, The Piano Bench Piano Bench

Kerry Lullaby Piano Bench

Kettle Valley Line, The Spotlight on Music

Key To The Highway Silver Burdett 6

Kibungo Silver Burdett 2

Kick The Can

Kicking Mule, The Piano Bench

Kid Like Me, A Silver Burdett 2

Kids Just Love To Brush

Kids Just Want To Have Fun

Kids Like To Boogie Too

Killy Kranky Spotlight on Music

Kin Folk

Kindergarten Wall, The Spotlight on Music

King Kong Kitchie

King Of Dinosaurs, The

King William ...George's Son OSC

Kingfish, The ( El Carite) Silver Burdett 5

Kings From The East, The iente) Music for Holidays K-33 Silver Burdett 8

Kingston Market Silver Burdett 3

Kiss The Girl RBig Book Songs Fantastic Big Book
Kiss Your Brain

Kite Song, A TKlSpr

Kitty Alone Fireside Book

Kitty In A Basket

Kitty Kitty Casket OSC

Knees Up Mother Brown

Knicky, Knicky, Knacky Noo Piano Bench

Knock No More Silver Burdett 3

Knock The Cymbals Silver Burdett 1

Knock Three Times

Knock, Knock MYC

Kobuta Spotlight on Music

Kokoleoko Silver Burdett 5 Spotlight on Music

Kookaburra (Kukabura) Kookaburra (Kukabura) Kookaburra (Kukabura) Musical Classroom
Koriko! Silver BurdettK Spotlight on Music

Kum Ba Yah, (Koom Bah Yah)Kumbaya) Kum Ba Yah, Kum Ba Yah, Kum Ba Yah
Kuma San (Honorable Bear) Spotlight on Music

Kunolounkwa Silver BurdettK

Ku'U I'A (My Fish) Spotlight on Music

Kwanzaa Music for Holidays K-3

Kwanzaa Carol, A Silver Burdett 2 Silver Burdett 2

Kye Kye Kule Spotlight on Music Musical Classroom

Kyrie Silver Burdett 6

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